Roasted Fish

A : Do you like eating fish?
B : Yes, I like salted fish. How about you?
A : I also like eating fish. I like roasted fish.
B : Where do you usually buy it?
A : If I have time, I usually buy it in a small warung/shop on the beach.
B : What time do you usually go there?
A : It opens from 03.00 PM (three o’clock) until about 10.00 – 11.00 PM (ten or eleven o’clock/PM).
B : How much is it?
A : If it’s small / The small one is, around Rp 20.000 (twenty thousand Rupiahs), and the big one is around Rp 35.000 (thirty five thousand Rupiahs) up to Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand Rupiahs).
B : Is the price including rice and vegetable?
A : Yes, including rice, vegetable, and hot or sweet sauce.
B : How about (the) drink?
A : Drink is not included. You should pay extra for the drink.
B : One day, please take me there.
A : Yes, my pleasure.
B : Thank you.


A : Do you have cat at home?
B : Last time I had, but now no. My mother doesn’t like cat. How about you?
A : I have one male cat. The hair is yellow and white. I like him very much. I often play with him.
B : Do you make a special house for him?
A : No, I don’t make it for him.
B : Where does he sleep?
A : More often outside the house. But, if it rains, in the living room.
B : What do you usually feed him?
A : He likes salted fish. Sometimes I buy special cat food for him.
B : Actually I want to have a cat again, but my mother doesn’t allow/prohibit me.
A : Temporary don’t have it first. Maybe later, if she has changed her mind.
B : Thank you for your advice.

Reading a Newspaper

A : Do you often read newspaper?
B : Sometimes. My mother sometimes brings it from her working place.
A : What do you like to read most?
B : I like news most, especially news about other country. Someday I want to go overseas.
A : You should be able to speak English if you want to go overseas.
B : Yes, I will learn it from now.
A : Is there also English lesson in the newspaper?
B : Yes, but very little.
A : Oh ya, what paper do you often read?
B : Pos Kota paper. How about you? Do you also like to read newspaper?
A : Actually I like, but I don’t have newspaper to read. My mother never brings it for me.
B : One day I will bring it for you.
A : Thank you.