We often use the present continuous tense to talk about the future. Of course, we normally use the present continuous to talk about action happening in the present, but if we add a future word, we can use it to talk about the future. (By “future word” we mean words or expressions like tomorrow, next week, in June. The future word may be clearly expressed or understood from the context.)

Sometimes there is no real difference between an intention (going to) and a plan (present continuous). In this case, it doen’t matter which we use.

  • We’re going to paint the bedroom tomorrow.
  • We’re painting the bedroom tomorrow.

We use the present continuous only when a plan exists before we speak. Look at these examples:

  • Mary is taking her music exam next year.
  • They can’t play tennis with you tomorrow. They ‘re working.
  • We‘re going to the theatre on Friday.

Source : Englishclub.com